Technology : A revolution

For musicians around the world, technology has brought about changes which have facilitated exposure.


Saxophone player Arturo Santillanes, who plays with the band Troker, which is based in Guadalajara, in Mexico, said that technology has completely revolutionalized the music industry.


“Social media has democratizated the music industry,” Santillanes said. “We have examples in all genres, from Justin Bieber to The Pomplamoose, to musicians who have become stars thanks to music they produced at home.”


Santillanes, who is 35, said that technology also allows musicians to make music according to their own tastes. And it has broadened the types of musical genres people can be exposed to.


Technology allows for a real access to musical diversity,” he said. “With services such as Spotify and Groove Shark, music from everywhere can be discovered.”


Panamenian flute player Melvin Lam Zanetti, who has studied with Grammy award winner and UNESCO artist for Peace Danilo Perez, said that social media has made his life much easier: it allows him to play more, and to get known by more people even if they do not meet him in person. He said social media is crucial.


Every young musician should use social media: this is the easiest way to get your material in the feeds, especially today since the record industry is dead,” Zanetti, 29, said.


Zanetti said flute player Maraca Valle produces very effective utube videos, such as the one where he performs the tune entitled “El Guanajo Relleno” with Orlando ‘Maraca’ . That video not only features the music of Valle, but also his work process.


Another musician, Paoli Mejia, uses his Facebook page ( to interact with his fans.


The other day he said that many people knew about him and his music thanks to his jokes on facebook and twitter,” Zanetti said.



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