Web Series are Changing the Lesbian World

These 5 web shows feature lesbian characters that can’t be found on broadcast television.


Many of the new web series talk about gender in a different way than in portrayals of lesbians in TV’s past. In the first episode of the “The Better Half”, the two lead characters dress according to how feminine or masculine they’re feeling that night.

Ingrid Jungermann’s show “F to the 7th” uses some of the same absurdist and melancholy humor of Louis C.K. and sometimes features stars like Amy Sedaris and Janeane Garofalo. This episode is premised on the idea of what would happen if Jungermann had a one night stand with herself. In this clip she pushes this premise to its absurd limit.

Alison Wong says that gay men made it to TV more quickly than gay women because “The stereotype of a flamboyant gay man is that is that he is into fashion and singing,” Wong said. “But the stereotype of a lesbian would be a lumberjack or a house builder, and those don’t seem as fun or as exciting.” She describes her show “Straight Up Gay” as like “Will and Grace” but with a lesbian in the fun gay-friend role. In this clip she tries mine humor from situations where they’re both attracted to women.

When Lauren Augarten wrote her show “Scissr” she thought she was breaking down old notions of what it means to be a lesbian, and even cast a transgender woman as a cisgender character (a woman born with female parts). But she still received a complaint on Reddit that there weren’t any women of color and from a producer who wanted a more traditional butch lesbian. In this clip we see trans actress Jamie Clayton play a lesbian bouncer who turns away two clueless straight men.

Christina Bly, 28, and Lauren Aadland, 27 have both worked professionally with video, and apply their production skills to their web travel series, “Button and Bly.” In this short clip you see them filming on a gay cruise in Sweden, where they’ve picked up a small following.

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