News Story: Running for “On the Run”


Beyonce and Jay Z fans alike took off running to the closet source of Internet to grab their tickets for the “On the Run” tour, the first tour that the husband and wife duo has done together and tickets were not cheap. reports that the average cost of tickets is $342.67, 90 percent more expensive than Jay Z’s Magna Carta tour and 17 percent more expensive than Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter tour.

Pre-sale tickets that were sold exclusively to those that bank with Chase on April 29 sold out quickly. Those that didn’t get tickets or were non-Chase members had to wait the next day to try and get the second wave of pre-sale tickets. Ticket prices range from $50 to $990 plus.

Some fans were able to cash out and pay for the nearly thousand-dollar floor seat. Reanne Swafford of Los Angeles posted on her Facebook page.

“Got ‘em,” she wrote. Floor seat tickets to the show that she received as a gift from her boyfriend she later revealed in the post.

But other were not so lucky.

Yozmine Modeste, a long time fan of Beyonce, was too late to get the pre-sale tickets. Instead of the getting up early like most fans did to get their tickets. She waited till later in the day and found out that the pre-sales were sold out.

“I was sad because I love my bitch,” she said.

She later learned that she could get tickets on other days, but the prices detracted her from buying a ticket.

“I lover her, but I don’t love her that much.”

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