Manuel Giannantonio is an example of how dreams can come true, if one deeply believes in them.

Giannantonio, 29, grew up in Perugia, Italy, where he attended high school and studied political science at the University.

But, since his childhood, he had one dream: to become a writer and journalist.

“Writing for me represents everything”, he said during a phone interview. “When I write I feel good, I feel alive.”

Since 2011, he has been the editor of the website’s foreign affairs section, and he has collaborated with other websites, such as He has also written about technology and liberty of expression.

Giannantonio, according to the (it collects information about Italian media) is one of the most followed journalists on Twitter in Italy. “I like to interact on Twitter because it is immediate,” he said. Being in that race, for him, is a good satisfaction.

In addition, what has always really captured his attention was the international movement of activist and hacker called Anonymous. He wrote many articles about the movement, and he became so passionate about it that he published in April 2013 the book Anonymous: Luce sulla guerra nell’ombra (Anonymous: Light on the war conducted in the shadow).

Manuel Giannantonio with his first book
Manuel Giannantonio with his first book

The book describes this international group’s attacks on corporate websites and governments. Critics reviewed Giannantonio’s work in a positive way particularly because of his simple writing style. And soon the book ranked in the Top Books rate sold online by the Italian

For Giannantonio, the information is very important to understand our reality. “In order to be able to live our present we need to be well informed,” he said. “The Information’s transparency is our main goal.”

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