Mini Profile – Lena Dunham **DISREGARD**

While completing my beat memo (I’m covering TV), I came across a difficult question — who is someone who recently broke through the TV industry. After thinking long and hard, I had an “aha” moment, and immediately started researching Lena Dunham. Since then, I’ve been following her, and came across this recent post on Fusion about her upcoming SNL appearance.

Granted, this is a blogger giving her opinions on Dunham, but I think it embodies someone who is breaking the mold in almost every way in the TV industry.

To begin, Dunham never pretends to be perfect, or tries to be. In fact, she embraces her body in countless naked scenes in “Girls.” As this article addresses, the author is looking forward to Dunham most likely addressing this, and “why we cannot see unretouched pictures of said body in a fashion magazine.” In an industry where appearance is everything — this should be interesting to see unfold.

Dunham is also talented in many aspects of the industry. She acts, writes and directs — something which many cannot, or do not, do — especially at the same time. Alex Alvarez, the author of this article, says that hosting SNL can further demonstrate her versatility. It will be interesting to see if this holds true.

Finally, hosting SNL will give Dunham a chance to show America a different side of her — a side that isn’t her main character Hannah Horvath (who she has become synonymous with).

I look forward to seeing what Dunham’s appearance will do for her career, as well as how America will respond to her in a new light.

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